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One of the things we do is volunteer as Officers of the Lodge. Being a Freemason is very rewarding, but, serving as an officer has unique rewards.

When you serve as an officer of a Lodge, you will learn many things including; leadership, organizational skills and public speaking. Many of our nation's leaders honed their craft by serving as officers of their Lodges. These men include George Washington, Ben Franklin, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, John Glenn, Gerald Ford and many others.

These are the Officers of Warren Lodge No. 310.
Pictured in all their regalia are the Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Secretary, Treasurer, Chaplain, Senior Deacon, Junior Deacon, Senior Master of Ceremonies, Junior Master of Ceremonies, Pursuivant and Tyler.


The Worshipful Master is the leader of the local Lodge.

His position is comparable to the President of any club or organization, such as a Fire Company, Elks or Knights of Columbus.

The words Worshipful Master are originally from old England. The citizenry used to refer to any person of rank as "your Worshipfulness". It in no way indicates that he receives worship or adulation of any kind.

The word Master, is from the trades, for instance Master Plumber or Master Carpenter or of course Master Mason.

The symbol of his office is the Square.


The Senior Warden is the Worshipful Master's first assistant.

His position is like a Vice President.

He assists the Worshipful Master in keeping order during Lodge Functions.

The symbol of his office is the Level.


The Junior Warden is the Worshipful Master's second assistant.

His position is similar to a Jr. Vice President.

He assists the Worshipful Master by helping enforce the By-Laws of the Lodge.

The symbol of his office is the Plumb.


Warren Lodge No. 310 meetings
Note: all meetings start at 7 o'clock pm

January 7
Beer making demo with Adam Sandt

February 4
Widows Sons Presentation

March 3
Masonic Properties with Pete Lavelle

April 7
District Deputy Grand Master visitation

May 5
History of Pa Game Commission with George Nakonetschhy

June 2
Masonic Athletes with Virgil Penn III

September 29
Lady's Night/Taser demo with Major Murray

October 27
Past Master Night

November 24
Veterans Memorial

December 22